Every now and again I search for inspiring films on Vimeo. If you go to Vimeo’s Staff Picks you often get a wonderful array of short films and experimental videos from upcoming talent. I especially like the films that tackle science and technology in new and unique ways. Yesterday I stumbled upon “Merger”, a VR film by Keiichi Matsuda.

“Merger is a new film about the future of work... Set against the backdrop of AI-run corporations, a tele-operator finds herself caught between virtual and physical reality, human and machine. As she fights for her economic survival, she finds herself immersed in the cult of productivity, in search of the ultimate interface. This short film documents her last 4 minutes on earth.”

So when it comes to the education of technology and the technology of education we as educators want to prepare our students for the future of work but what happens when you can see the bottom of the rabbit hole? Sarah Winter’s performance shows a striking contrast of humanity in all her beauty and struggles trying to live within this new world of Artificial Intelligence. You feel overwhelmed for her and Matsuda does an excellent job trying to visualize this with VR film making.

This film hits me on so many levels but here are 4 questions I think about after watching this film:

  1. Should we think about AI on a deeper level?

  2. Is it better to teach our kids to be more humane than technologically literal?

  3. Can our spirit be uploaded to a network?

  4. Do you want your children to be pushed by a corporate entity to lose her humanity in exchange for economic survival?

If you want to understand Artificial Intelligence and its impact on a deeper level check out this link and watch the film below after you read it. It’ll haunt you.