This week I received an email from another teacher in Santa Barbara, California that needed help crowd sourcing a list of K-12 schools that were operating a 3D Printer in the classroom.   While the information shows under a dozen schools at the time of this post it does not include the 26 schools in our district that operate 28 3D Printers. In addition I have worked with two other private schools in the surrounding area of Pasadena that have acquired 3D Printers and I've been happy to help them navigate with some of their implementation.  

   I'm certain that this number is no where near the true number of printers across America but it would be fascinating to know the actual number of schools utilizing 3D Printing technology.  My prediction will be that the number of 3D Printers in schools will increase with the introduction of low cost printers starting at $350 from start up companies aiming to fill the education space.  It will definitely be a year to watch the competition battle for the education sector.  

Please support the crowdsourcing effort and tell my fellow colleague if you're operating a 3D Printer in your classroom! 

Click here to add your school to the list! 


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