For the first time, teachers from across Pasadena Unified School District trained in the use of 3D printers because every school in the district will soon be equipped with the technology.


"Almost a year later, teachers chosen for their interest in technology were packed into graphic design teacher Miguel Almena’s classroom at Marshall Fundamental High School where they learned how to operate the machines. 

'When they asked me if I wanted to participate in the printer program, I instantly said yes,' Almena said. 

A former employee with Disney, Almena had previous experience with 3D printers. For Almena, the real potential in 3D is in showing students how problem-solving skills can be applied to the real world.

Almena described a lesson plan that involved showing the kids how to design and advertise a product. The lesson also include the creation of a product in a design program and printing a 3D model."